Stil Novo Design

United States


Stil Novo Design’s recycled oak wine barrels creations are entirely made with recycled oak wine barrels. We are a family business located in Northern California where we design and manufacture all of our product s. Each piece is a true labor of love, carefully handcrafted using the finest artisan skills. When a wine barrel is converted into furniture and home decor, its history is preserved and can be enjoyed f or generations in the form of a unique artisan heirloom. A whole barrel offers the opportunity of reusing every bit of material, from the solid, beautiful white oak of wh ich its staves and head are made, to the metal hoops that kept it together. By choosing old over “new” wood, you help us ease the demand being placed on our few remaining old gro wth forests, while keeping demolition refuse out of our landfills. It makes a positive statement about our value.