Is the WELL AP Exam Hard? 5 Tips to Pass Easily

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WELL AP study guide

The WELL AP is a useful credential for professionals involved in the planning and execution of healthy building environments. But the question everyone’s asking Is the WELL AP exam hard? is it challenging? What is the WELL AP exam pass rate?

The majority of the answers will depend on your familiarity with the WELL Building Standard, your experience and degree of readiness. This short read will help you prepare with a 2 week study plan that is streamlined and includes essential tips to ensure that you succeed in a simplified and proven approach.

Well ap questions

1. What is the WELL AP Exam

To become a WELL AP, you must pass the official exam which is consists of 115 questions, 15 of which are not scored since they are pretest (pilot questions), and the exam is 2.5 hours long. The 115 questions are based on concepts of the WELL certification. 11 questions of Air, 9 questions on Water, 10 questions on Nourishment, 9 questions on Light, 7 questions on Movement, 7 questions on Thermal Comfort, 8 questions on Sound, 9 questions on Materials, 9 questions on Mind, 9 questions on Community and 12 questions on the certification with the WELL portfolio.

2. How to register for the WELL AP Exam

Create an account on the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) website in order to register for the WELL AP examination, since they are the organizers of the WELL certification. On the IWBI website you will need to pay for the exam that costs $299.

Following registration, you will get an ID number allowing you to schedule your exam for up to 1 year on the Prometric website (test scheduler) or if you wish to take the exam remotely from home then the below requirements would be important to look into.

ProProctor Remote Testing Requirements

  1. Closed space: Ensure that you have a space with a door that can be closed, preferrable locked. Such as a bedroom or office. Someone from GBCI or Prometric will be making sure you are not cheating and will want to see the whole space from every viewpoint. So you will need to show your room through the webcam to the assessor.
  2. Camera: webcams on laptops are fine, but they need to be able to move so you can get a good picture of the whole room, including your desk and chair’s back and bottom.
  3. No text: remove any visible writing from the walls of your room.
  4. Computer requirements: make sure your computer meets the requirements of the Prometric Pro Proctor before scheduling your exam.
Well ap study plan

3. How to Prepare for the WELL AP Exam in 2 Weeks with Archiroots

Build your foundation with the free WELL AP study guide here.

Then watch 30 minutes of video content per day to learn al the material in 1 week and take 1 practice exam a day for the second week according to the below.

Week 1: WELL AP Training Course

  • Day 1: Introduction to WELL, WELL Certification, WELL Portfolio
  • Day 2: Concept 1 – Air, Concept 2 – Water
  • Day 3: Concept 3 – Nourishment, Concept 4 – Light
  • Day 4: Concept 5 – Movement, Concept 6 – Thermal Comfort
  • Day 5: Concept 7 – Sound, Concept 8 – Material
  • Day 6: Concept 9 – Mind, Concept 10 – Community
  • Day 7: Innovation

Week 2: WELL AP Practice Exams and Flashcards

  • Day 8: Practice Exam 1
  • Day 9: Review all key terms using the WELL AP flashcards
  • Day 10: Practice Exam 2
  • Day 11: Practice Exam 3
  • Day 12: Practice Exam 4
  • Day 13: Practice Exam 5
  • Day 14: Practice Exam 6
Is well ap exam hard

4. Tips for the WELL AP Exam

Schedule Your Exam Time Carefully

When you are most alert and productive is when you should try to arrange your exam. For some it is early in the morning and for others it is in the afternoon, which is quite a subjective matter. Booking morning times is often advised since this is when your brain is at its most efficient but it is not the case for everyone.

Use Exam Resources

The WELL AP exam is equipped with an embedded pdf so you would not need to memorize less information since will be given to you. You can download the embedded pdf here.

Use the elimination strategy by striking words that you are sure to be incorrect to increase chances of answering correctly. You are able to flag and strike-through questions in the official exam.

If you stumble on a difficult question do not skip since will surely be considered incorrect. There are no penalties for incorrect answers, it is ideal to choose what you think is correct and flag the question to come back to at the end if you still have time to review.

5. WELL AP Pass Rate

After completing the official exam you will receive instantly a popup on the screen if you passed or failed. After a few hours you will get an email with a more detailed score for every concept. What is important is to earn 170 over 200 at least to become a WELL AP.

Conclusion, Is the WELL AP Exam Hard?

If you are studying through a 800 page WELL AP study guide then might take you 3 months to prepare and can be considered difficult because there are way more information studied than needed. Whereas if you are preparing through a simplified WELL AP training course that showcases what is important and breaks the material down through an engaging infographic manner like the archiroots course then would be considered quite easy. Get ready, become a WELL AP in just 2 weeks or even less. Get started for free with the WELL AP training.


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