3 Amazing Sustainability Companies That are Helping People without Hurting the Environment

Being sustainable is not easy. Sustainability needs patience, it needs a major shift in personal practices that can impact a person’s carbon footprint in this world. The idea of an entire company or organization focused on sustainability sure sounds very obscure, but time has changed and companies are starting to notice their impact. Sustainability companies had always been around, but they were overshadowed by easily accessible and not very environment-friendly companies. However, a drastic shift in these dynamics can now be seen.

Sustainability companies use recycled waste to manufacture products that sell!
Recycling Our Way to a Healthier Planet

What Do Sustainability Companies Do?

Companies that promote sustainability are mostly trying to lower their carbon footprint and energy usage. Their products and policies are usually designed in a manner so that both the company and its consumers are actively contributing to the betterment of the world. In the past, big conglomerate companies were hardly ever focusing on being environment-friendly. You would mostly find more indie brands and small businesses catering to the conservation of nature. However, as more people are starting to care about the environment and it is now the ‘politically correct’ thing to do, these giants have also started to make policies that support the sustainability of our environment.

Get to Know Eco-Friendly Companies Better

Making claims and stating numbers is an easy task; however, living up to those claims is the real game. These 3 sustainability companies have proved by their products and policies, that they sure are in for some real business to make, Earth healthier, and the lives of their consumers, better.

1- Liter of Light

liter of light lead
Image by Liter of Light

Liter of light is an open-source charitable organization that, through collaborations with many world-famous brands like Pepsi Co., has provided solutions for light in many remote areas around the globe that had no access to electricity. This organization recycles plastic bottles and makes them into light bulbs by using energy from the sun. An LED light is attached to a solar panel that can power the light inside the bottle so, the concern for sustainable and renewable energy is satisfied too.

2- Patagonia

Image by Patagonia

Patagonia is one of the most famous and world-known sustainability companies. It is essentially an outdoor clothing company. It offers limited yet high-quality clothing items that can endure the toughest outdoor conditions. They also offer to repair clothing items so even the old clothing items can be used for a longer time. They have also co-founded an initiative called 1% for the Planet according to which they contribute 1% of their every sale for the conservation of the environment.

3- Preserve

Image by preserve

Preserve is an environment-friendly company that offers eco-friendly alternatives for products like toothbrushes, razors, and disposable cutlery items. They have collaborated with dentists and engineers all over the world to promote the use of their products that are made from recycled plastic or compostable materials. This helps in lowering plastic waste worldwide. Moreover, they have a range of disposable straws, cups, and plates that can be composted after use.

There are also several other companies that use sustainable materials to manufacture their products. This shift to safer alternatives has gradually begun to restore Earth’s health.


Green-washing has often led people to think that they are giving their money to companies that care about the environment, but reality often differs. The number of sustainability companies is growing but so should the awareness of the consumers. Undoubtedly, there is a rising number of triple bottom line companies now, but making this earth a safer place should not be the responsibility of these sustainability companies alone. Rather, it should be a collaborative effort of individuals and companies as consumer choices make as much a difference as corporations.


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