Smart glass: An emerging Green building product

While user control is one of the most important architectural features. Occupants suffer from shades and blinds being replaced with non-openable louvers. New technology, Smart glass often called switchable glass or electrochromic glass is a booming product that provides user control and supports sustainability demands.

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Manufacturers like Priviglaze have optimized their product to replace single glass panels with curtains as an overlay. Smart glass runs off a low voltage power supply. When the power is off, the jumbled molecules within turns the smart glass frosted or opaque. When the electrical current is applied, all the molecules align, making the smart glass clear. When the glass is frosted, you cannot see through it, and even blocks 99% of UV rays!

Turns any window, office partition, or building frontage into a digital screen through the use of any high-quality projector. It can be made into any shape and its application is endless. Solutions include wall partitions, home offices, bi-fold doors, roof lights, viewing galleries, showcase glass platforms, pod offices, and much more. 

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