The List of Triple Bottom Line Companies Being Topped by a Resilient Countertop Manufacturer

A company that uses recycled glass to make durable countertops called IceStone that operates under the triple bottom line.

What are triple bottom line companies?

In a nutshell, they are companies that do not focus on profit solely but assess their impact on the environment and on the people as well. Ending up with three dimensions to base the company on, People, Planet, and Profit.

In 2012 superstorm Sandy flooded the factory in Brooklyn Navy Yard, which destroyed the machinery and electronics of $6 million worth.

Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Pier cropped Small

In such cases, the company would logically shut down and the employees would head to find another job. But IceStone’s business model was different. It was employee-owned with 10 percent of equity shared between 40 employees that decided to take the matter into their own hands by taking five months to deconstruct, dry, and put things in order again. Focusing on the people/social aspect supports the manufacturing company to be listed in the triple bottom line companies list and earning its name under the Green building compliant product database.


What makes this company so sustainable?

IceStone is a manufacturer of countertops and bathroom vanities. But not conventional, it is made up of recycled glass, cement, and non-toxic pigments. The company has diverted 17 million pounds of glass from landfills to date.

It is as well the only Cradle to Cradle certified silver countertop in the world to date. With Healthcare Product Declarations, NSF certifications, USGBC member and Certified B Corporation member.

With 100 percent recycled glass and available in 17 different colors the countertops or bathroom vanities contribute to LEED credits as well since the recycled glass makes up 75 percent of the material. Which is a great way to reduce the need for virgin materials (Planet), increase awareness, supports in Green building certifications (People), with the high demand for sustainable products and lower initial cost because of recycled content the product will be surely profitable(Profit). Which for us earns it in being on the list of triple bottom line companies.


Big names have used this product like NASA’s HQ, Starbucks, Microsoft, and similar showing that recycled content does not mean that it will affect aesthetics or quality but support in achieving lower negative impact on the environment. Such companies as named above are the top supporters in making our world a better environment, resulting in triple bottom line companies supporting other like-minded businesses.


When assessing the triple bottom line companies, one cannot just focus on the product but on the manufacturing process, extraction, and similar. This manufacturer cares a lot about where and how the products are made. They focus on the people as well, especially the employees that offer free ESL classes, multilingual signage, and 35 percent above the local living wage. The company also practices sustainability in its factory using a recycling water system, electric/hybrid forklifts, steam-powered kilns, and natural light making the products eco-friendly and the company supportive as well.


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