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Year: 2016
Designer: Mikael Abbhagen
Materials: Lead Free Brass + Chrome handle
Description: The Altered:Nozzle Dual Flow Pro saves water without losing functionality. Most of the water is layered, bounces off or just passes straight down the drain. With our patentented atomization technology we break the water up into millions of droplets. Every drop has its own surface area. Making it possible to get in contact with – and use - every single drop coming out of your tap. Saving 98% of water and energy used to heat the water. When you need more, like for filling up a glass of water, you simply switch to our spray mode. Still saving 85%, but giving you all the water you’ll ever need in a bathroom setting.
Dimensions: Nozzle: H 1.14 x W 0.59 x L 0.55 Handle: H 0.62 x L 1.25 x W 0.78



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