Aspen Base ADA Signs

Year: 2019
Designer: Simon Nussbaum
Materials: Aspen and 3D Printed Thermoset Acrylic
Description: Green Dot Sign® Aspen Base ADA Signs use real, FSC® 100%, aspen as a sign base combined with flat and 3D printed tactile elements directly bonded into the wood fibers. The result is reliable, beautiful and sustainable tactile signage. The combination of flat and 3D printing offers limitless design options to complement any facility. Each Green Dot ADA Sign reduces plastic demand by roughly 250 grams and 99% biodegradable. The wood is sealed with bio based, heavy-metal free finishing oils. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires tactile signage marking every permanent room and space in every public facility. Green Dot Sign® Aspen Base ADA Signs were developed to meet this requirement with a beautiful and sustainable alternative to fossil fuel derived traditional ADA signs. Green Dot Sign® offers two standard edge profiles for the sign face, either a 45 degree chamfer or slightly eased edges. Eased edges are recommended for all full bleed designs.
Dimensions: Min 2.25" x 2.25", Max 12.25" x 18.5"
Certifications: FSC



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