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fade® Acoustic Plaster Plus finish standing

Year: 2000
Materials: Perlite based acoustic materials
Description: The fade® Acoustic Plaster is a high-quality plastering system that absorbs unwanted noise in a wide range of environments. As an acoustic plaster solution spray applied to walls and ceilings, its highly absorbent qualities allow for optimum acoustic control in large, commercial spaces. The fade® Acoustic Plaster System can be applied on virtually any surface including straight and curved walls, dramatic angles and arching domes offering a more flexible, discreet alternative to traditional acoustic solutions, such as suspended ceilings. Our products are manufactured using 100% renevable energy, they are VOC free and doesn't contain any X listed chemicals. Our acoustic ceiling system does not require any maintanence and have a life expectancy of +50 years. All our acoustic ceilings can be recoated to refresh the surfaces and does not have to be refurbished making it an eco-friendly alternative to standard acoustic ceilings.
Dimensions: 7.5 kg buckets
Certifications: Environmental Product Declaration (EPD),Émissions dans l'air intérieur,A+,Cradle to Cradle



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