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Description: 100% recycled & recyclable - Distinctive - Sturdy and re-usable - Single material composition - Customisable - A visible commitment to the circular economy 100% waterproof, rot-proof and with strong weather resistance. The material can be machined, drilled, cut (CNC, woodworking sawblades, router and waterjet), sanded, heat formed, glued, and fixed with screws as well as adhesives. Refer to our Handling & Workability guide for further details. Our manufacturing process is the heart of our company. In our factories we craft our recycled plastic panels each day, striving for the highest quality. Our unique proprietary machinery recycles 70% of existing types of plastic by turning waste into beautiful decorative panels of varying sizes and thicknesses. Sustainability is a core value in our company, and so we only use 100% renewable energy. We are also proud to be a zerowaste manufacturer as we recycle all manufacturing remnants into new products, giving our plastic a new, beautiful and sustainable life in the circular economy.
Dimensions: 1000x1000mm/ Thickness10mm, 15mm, 20mm (±2% tolerance)

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The Netherlands
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