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Year: 2020
Designer: Jory Swart
Materials: Hemp Steel
Description: Hemplights is a series of interiorlighting made out of hemp combined with steel. The lights are designed and made in The Netherlands, even the hemp is harvested in The Netherlands. We live in a time in which we are becoming more and more aware of the condition of the earth. With an eye on the future we can make a difference by selecting our materials carefully. Hemp is a sustainable and environment friendly crop with a lot of quality’s. Because of all the qualities and all of the possibilities of the material this is the material of the future, which can replace the use of wood and plastics. The HempLights are very suitable public spaces, offices and livingrooms. The combination of hemp and light gives the lamp a warm, friendly and natural character. The metal frame makes the lamp look sleek and tends to the industrial style. Each lamp is handmade, if desired we would like to adjust the dimensions of this lamp so that the proportions match the space for which it is intended.

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