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Year: 2017
Designer: Mikael Abbhagen
Materials: Lead Free Brass + Chrome handle
Description: The Altered:Nozzle Dome® is optimized for public areas where you need high efficiency but still with maximum savings. Our Dome® Technology creates a water dome that diffuses into a water spray. Giving you a full experience with only 0.4 L/Min or 96% savings. With the Altered:Nozzle Dome™ installed in faucets, businesses saves 96%. For a business with 100 employees that means a potential saving of between 558 000 liters every year.
Dimensions: Nozzle: H 1.14 x W 0.59 x L 0.55 Handle: H 0.55 x W 0.90 x L 0.90
Certifications: Cradle to Cradle



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