Power of the Nap addicts

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Materials: Recycled aluminum and spruce wood
Description: The whole Nap Addicts furniture family is made of only six different cast aluminum elements. Each furniture is an assembly and therefore can be stored and transported unassembled. The elements pack in a very small overall volume, which is itself, thanks to Spruce wood and Aluminum low density, very light. The six pieces in massive aluminium are made by sand molding from original masters that we designed and 3D printed in our facility in Mkalles, Beirut. The aluminium used to cast the six pieces (from which all tables, benches and recliners are made) comes 100% from recycled material, mostly motor parts. Through many iterations of multiple study prototypes, tested by many individuals of various sizes and shapes, an efficient comfort level has been secured in order to be applied to the seats, benches and lounge chairs.


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