Year: 2019
Description: Sepura is the first sustainable food waste disposal device in the world. With a premium design and an ergonomic user experience, Sepura uses proprietary technology to divert organic waste from landfills and drain systems into curbside compost receptacles or yard composting. It does it all directly from the kitchen sink at home. While conventional garbage disposals grind food waste and sends it into the sewage system, Sepura redirects food waste to a collection bin under your sink so you can easily compost it, without introducing any solid matter into city pipes. In addition, Sepura removes the need for a table-top composting container. No need for scraping your plate into a smelly, dirty bin. Sepura's air circulation and filtration technology neutralizes all odors. The result is a clean and inoffensive composting experience.
Dimensions: Collection bin: 19in/48cm – 25.5in/65cm [height], 11in/28cm [width], 12.5in/32cm [depth]. Caddy: 10L capacity

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