Baskinta Lebanese mountain house

Architects BITS to ATOMS
Location: Lebanon, Baskinta
Year: 2013
Area: 200 m2
Other Team Members: Lead Architect: Guillaume Credoz

Standing in the depth of the Valley of Nahr Baskinta this house is one of the oldest ones remaining and defining the valley’s landscape. For generations, it was left abandoned as its lack of foundations led to its partial destruction. The existing ruin was already built from recycled stones from previous houses, one more time, the house had to be completely dismantled and its stones recycled.

1 BTA Baskinta house Winter time 1
Courtesy of Bits to Atoms

The elevation and the exact placement of the house in the valley, were preserved, but the need for a contemporary living at garden level brought a large bay window framed by a Corten steel box protruding neatly from the original volume which connects with the terrace, providing exact shading from summer sun.

4 BTA Baskinta house Triple arches
Courtesy of Bits to Atoms

The South elevation’s iconic Venetian triple arches, typical of traditional Lebanese houses, are preserved to their simplest form defining the suspended patio. To echo the beautiful minimalism the ruin possessed when all wood frames were gone, all windows have been designed to be recessed behind the local stone, leaving the dry appearance express all its simple beauty.

6 BTA Baskinta house walls ventilation detail 1
Courtsey of Bits to Atoms

The initial farmhouse vocation has been amplified: sidewalls and roof are planted, mainly with fruit plants, creating a continuous arch of the plantation over the building.

2 Baskinta house Birds eye
Courtesy of Bits to Atoms
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