Architects Ecosistema Urbano
Location: Spain, Madrid
Year: 2007
Photographs: Ecosistema Urbano, Emilio P.Doiztua, Roland Halbe

The project’s aim was to provide a quality public space for a boulevard in Vallecas, a neighborhood on the outskirts of Madrid. The boulevard was a large surface of asphalt and concrete primarily dominated by cars, with a significant lack of vegetation.

24 Ecosistema Urbano Ecobulevard Media Tree en 2017

The project was thought in two temporalities:
On one hand, as a long-term vision, the boulevard was planted with more than a hundred young trees, which would then grow to provide the citizens with a comfortable shaded public space in the future. On the other hand, as a short-term strategy, three large structures were designed and placed at the crossroads of the boulevard. They aimed to provide a temporary solution to provide the space with an agreeable microclimate suitable for outdoors activities and socializing.

7 Ecosistema Urbano Ecobulevard Air Tree

Each structure is thought of as an “artificial tree” that augments the possibilities of a real one: not only does it provide shelter and a comfortable microclimate, but it also has additional functions depending on the various technological elements that are introduced within it.

4 Ecosistema Urbano Ecobulevard Air Tree

The base for every one of the three artificial trees is a cylindrical structure made of lightweight steel, elevated from the ground with thin slanted metallic legs. The structure emulates a tree’s canopy, and allows for the space below to be accessible from all sides while still providing shelter. A crown of photovoltaic panels is set on top of every cylindrical structure, injecting energy into the electrical grid.

1 Ecosistema Urbano Ecobulevard Competition Diagrams
More Project Images & Drawings

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