The Edge

Architects PLP Architecture
Location: The Netherlands, Amsterdam
Year: 2015
Area: 40,000 m2
Photographs: Ronald Tilleman
Certifications: BREEAM,Outstanding

The Edge, by PLP is a ‘smart building’ intended as a catalyst for Deloitte’s transition into the digital age. With the world’s highest rating awarded to an office building by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), the global assessor of sustainable buildings, The Edge combines numerous smart technologies in tandem to create an adaptable and intelligent working environment.

1024 N216 ©Ronald Tilleman
Image by Ronald Tilleman

The starting point of the design is what the architects term a social condenser – a nucleus for the building in the form of an atrium interspersed with bridges and exposed lift core, which act as nodes of horizontal and vertical activity. Subtle differentiation in materials and lighting make the atrium a natural place to gather. At 15 storeys it is lofty, but also calm and flooded with a northern light filtered through the low-e glass of the atrium facade.

1024 N15 ©Ronald Tilleman
Image by Ronald Tilleman

Employees no longer have assigned desks but rather hotdesk, choosing anywhere in the building depending on the required level of sociability: there are work-booths, focus rooms, concentration rooms, sitting desks, standing desks, balcony desks along with work station in the atrium itself. The building adapts to user preference with a smart phone app.

Binder1 Page 3 1
Image by Ronald Tilleman
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