GB House

Architects Renato D’Ettorre Architects
Location: Australia, Coogee, Sydney
Year: 2018
Area: 538 m2
Photographs: Justin Alexander

This house above Gordon’s Bay embodies the spirit of seaside living in response to a magical site: ocean, rocky coastline and an ideal north-east aspect. The nuanced design shies away from a ‘look how clever I am’ approach. Its discreet scale, quiet focus and layered materiality, are sensitive to its location and neighbours, and provide mystery and privacy along one of Sydney’s busiest coastlines.

Renato Dettorre Gordons Bay 02621 HR

An ideal north-east orientation supports passive design principles, while evacuated solar tubes for hot water and under-floor heating, and photovoltaic solar panels to supplement the grid all reduce energy consumption.

Wrapping the building, terracotta breeze blocks custom-designed with a local brick maker provide a permeable external skin filtering light and air, and an internal veil to protect the house from weather. Strategic apertures encourage cross-ventilation, and overhangs, double glazing and robust mass construction in brick, stone and concrete boost thermal insulation and absorb sun in winter.

Renato Dettorre Gordons Bay 02130 HR
Image by Justin Alexander
Renato Dettorre Gordons Bay 03422 HR

Bringing natural light and ventilation into the music room on the lower ground level was challenging. By excavating below the driveway and garage, metal grills now direct sunlight and cool breezes deep inside.

Renato Dettorre Gordons Bay 01777 V2 HR
Image by Justin Alexander

Rainwater is harvested for landscaped roof gardens and terraces which absorb excess stormwater runoff and boost the building’s overall environmental performance.

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