Villa Kali

Architects Karim Nader Studio
Location: Lebanon, Mounsef
Year: 2016
Area: 3000 m2
Photographs: Mounsef

Evisiting the traditional oriental home in a seaside setting – a house with several bedrooms that surround an open courtyard with a water fountain – this version of the concept is achieved through a splitting the volumes into two horizontal movements that open up towards the Mediterranean allowing for uninterrupted sea views to all spaces of the house.

HR Villa Kali Q4A5985 Large
Image by Marwan Harmouche

Ecologically several measures reduce the impact of this massive house on this 3000sqm plot. They include innovative compositional work of layered slabs to thoroughly shade the project while it basks in indirect light, reducing uplight for less light pollution on the environment. It also includes openness, through the flexibility of transforming a space with fully open sliding glass panels that increase cross ventilation and beautiful quality views all around.

Image by Marwan Harmouche

The cantilevers on all sides and planted roofs and terraces extend the living experience inside out on all levels of the house, mostly under the shade of the white terrazzo canopies.

HR Villa Kali Q4A8171 Large
Image by Marwan Harmouche
HR Villa Kali Q4A8649
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