How Much Does the LEED AP BD+C Cost

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leed ap bd+c cost

Is the LEED AP BD+C Certification on your list of credentials? If that’s the case, you’ll want to know the cost of leed ap exam, LEED AP BD+C cost in specific. Make sure you’re well-prepared by finding out how much it will cost you time and money, where you can acquire training, and which pieces of knowledge are necessary for your success. Before you go ahead and take your formal test, you can discover all of that information and guidance right in the below short read.

Leed ap bd+c cost

LEED AP BD+C Cost For LEED Green Associate Professionals

If you are currently a LEED Green Associate, most importantly the title is still valid and not expired then you are eligible to enroll for the LEED AP BD+C exam and take it immediately. The only requirement for taking the LEED AP exam is a valid LEED Green Associate. No previous experience or type of displine, master’s degree or anything like that.

The LEED AP BD+C cost has a standard price of $350. If, on the other hand, you are an employee who works full-time for a USGBC member firm, the cost of your test will be lowered to $250. Also if you are a university student tackling your bachelor’s, master’s, PHD or any degree or course for that matter then the official LEED AP BD+C cost would be reduce to 250$.

Last and least, is the exam cost for veterans. It is for free, offered at no cost to veterans only.

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LEED AP BD+C Cost For Professionals With No LEED Credential

If you are not a LEED Green Associate, you have two options: first, you may take and pass the test to become a LEED Green Associate, and then you can schedule your exam to become a LEED AP.  Or you also have the option to take both tests at the same time. The LEED Green Associate and LEED AP combined test have a standard price of $550 to take it. If, on the other hand, you are an employee who works full-time for a USGBC member firm, the total cost of your exams will be lowered to $400. And Lastly, free for veterans.

Leed green associate

Cost of LEED AP Exam

The cost of the LEED AP exam can be anywhere from 150$ up to 600$ depending if you are already a LEED Green Associate, if you are a student, veteran or your company is a USGBC member. The LEED Green Associate exam is 250$ and the LEED AP exam is for 350$. Students and veterans can take the exam for only 150$.

It is essential to be aware that while completing both tests in a single sitting may result in a lower total exam price, the combined exam will take a total of four hours to complete in its entirety rather than 2 hours for 2 sittings.

If a candidate does not pass the examination on their first try, they are required to re-register and pay again in order to take the exam. So basically the exam is non-refundable if failed which is the main reason it is recommended to invest in a money-back guarantee training prep course.

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