Pass the LEED AP Exam: 6 Important Tips

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Green buildings, LEED, the LEED AP exam in specific are becoming more significant than they have ever been as the world becomes more focused on sustainability and decreasing our negative impact on the environment. LEED, is a standard that was designed by USGBC to reward buildings and individuals who are committed to sustainability and green building principles.

Buildings get certified and people get accredited. The prestige credential LEED AP is one of the most significant milestones on the path to becoming a green building professional. But how much does the LEED AP exam cost and how can we prepare for it?

How much is the leed ap exam

1. How Much Does The LEED AP Cost?

Currently, the price of the LEED AP exam is $350. Having said that, it is essential to bring to your attention the fact that there are reductions that may be used to assist in bringing down the overall expense of the examination. For instance, if you are a student or work for a firm or organization that is a member of the USGBC, you can be entitled for a discount, bringing down the cost to $100 on the registration fee. This may result in a large reduction in the cost of the examination and open it up to a greater number of potential candidates. It is even free for veterans.

It is essential to be aware that in order to sit for the LEED AP test, you must first possess a LEED Green Associate certification that has not yet been allowed to lapse. In the event that you do not already own a certification for LEED Green Associate, you will be required to take the test, which will set you back $250. Again, there is a possibility that discounts are offered that might assist decrease the overall cost of the test.

It is possible to obtain a price break if you buy the LEED Green Associate test and the LEED AP exam together if you are going to take both of those examinations. If you were to buy each test individually, the total cost would be $600; however, if you purchased both examinations together, the total cost is $550.

Although the price of the LEED AP test may seem to be excessive, it is essential to keep in mind that earning your LEED certification may be an excellent investment in your professional future. It not only demonstrates your dedication to sustainable practices and green construction methods, but it also has the potential to lead to new job prospects and even greater income.


2. Is the LEED AP Exam Difficult?

Many people consider the LEED AP exam to be a difficult test because of its focus on formulas, calculation and memorization. The test can be difficult, especially for those who are not used to multiple-choice questions in a tight amount of time.

The exam’s main focus on the different options available for each credit in the targeting rating system. But it’s important to note that candidates’ perceptions of difficulty can be greatly reduced with an organized and streamlined training program like this simplified training which helps professional prepare in 2 weeks.

3. Is LEED AP Worth It?

Several considerations and personal career objectives will determine if earning a LEED AP credential is worthwhile. The LEED AP accreditation is widely accepted as proof of proficiency in environmentally friendly building and design techniques. Possessing the LEED AP can boost reputation and lead to chances for working on environmentally conscious projects for professionals in the building sustainability, engineering, and architecture sectors.

In addition, when looking for specialists in sustainable building techniques, a lot of businesses and governmental bodies give preference to LEED accredited workers. As a result, earning a LEED AP accreditation may enhance professional growth and open up new employment opportunities. But it’s important to take into account the time and money needed to be ready for and earn the certification. Before determining if earning a LEED AP accreditation is valuable for them, individuals should evaluate their career ambitions, the relevance of LEED in their field, and the potential return on investment in terms of career advancement and prospects.

4. Pass the LEED AP Exam

Obtaining a passing score on the LEED AP test is not a simple endeavor, that much is certain. It is necessary to have a comprehensive grasp of the LEED rating system, in addition to familiarity with sustainable design and construction techniques. Because of this, it is essential to have enough preparation before going in for the test. You can begin the preparation with our free training.

5. Is the LEED AP Exam Open Book?

The LEED AP exam is not open-book. Generally speaking, candidates are not permitted to bring any books or reference materials into the exam room.

The purpose of the LEED AP exam is to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge and comprehension of green building techniques, sustainable design concepts, and the LEED rating system. It contains of multiple-choice questions, and in order to answer them, candidates must rely on their preparation and expertise.

6. Prepare for the LEED Exam

You only need 2 weeks to prepare for the LEED AP exam with the aid of archiroots comprehensive training program, rather than months. Because our course covers all of the essential subjects and ideas that you will need to be familiar with for the test in a simplified and straightforward format. In point of fact, we have such faith in our training that we provide a pass guarantee or a full refund of your purchase price.

You will be able to shorten the amount of time you need to spend preparing for the LEED AP test by several months and improve the likelihood that you will be successful on the very first attempt if you make the investment in our training program. You may feel secure in the knowledge that you have nothing to lose thanks to the fact that we provide a money-back guarantee.

In conclusion, you can improve your chances of passing the none refundable exam and becoming a LEED accredited. Begin your prep process with our free intro training.


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