Top 10 Green Buildings of all time

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10 futuristic green buildings built in 2022

What are Top 10 Green Buildings?

In a nutshell, “green” buildings aim to reduce or eliminate negative impacts on the environment. They also conserve precious resources and enhance our quality of life. There are a number of features that can make a building “green”. These include the efficient use of energy, water, and other resources. Reusability and recycling indoor air quality, use of non-toxic, ethical, sustainable materials and many more.

Any building can be a green building, whether it’s a residential, retail, healthcare, campus, or any other type of structure, as long as it reduces impact. As stated by one of the most well-know green building certifications LEED. Now LEED is a title for buildings created by USGBC that acts as a standard for rating systems. There are many others like BREEAM, WELL and Edge. Now even if a project did not target such certifications, it can still be sustainable.

What are examples of top 10 green buildings? Well below you can find 10 of the highest rated sustainable projects of 2022. They top the list with their high performance features, showcasing the benefits of green buildings.

1. The Plus for Vestre by Bjarke Ingels Group

Green building: the plus for vestre by einar aslaksen
Image by einar aslaksen

One of the greenest furniture factories in the world. On the path to receiving the highest possible BREEAM grade, “Outstanding.” This green building is presented as a project that is innovative. Speaking of innovation, this enterprise generates 55 percent fewer environmental gases and consumes 60 percent less energy than comparable traditional industries. About 900 photovoltaic panels that produce 250,000 kWh of renewable energy annually are located on the green rooftop. Additionally, 90 to 95 percent of the water utilized in manufacturing will be recycled by the firm. The Plus will meet the Paris Proof goal for energy production on-site and efficiency.

2. Museum of Ethnography Budapest by NAPUR Architect

Green building: museum of ethnography budapest by gyorgy palko
Image by gyorgy palko

The Liget Budapest Project, the greatest urban-cultural development in Europe, features dynamic yet basic lines that simultaneously blend with the park setting and communicate with the nearby metropolitan area. Standing at the top of our green buildings.

3. Easyhome Huanggang by Stefano Boeri Architetti

Green building: easyhome huanggang vertical forest city complex by raw vision studio
Image by raw vision studio

The architect is well known for his vertical forests like the bosco verticale and other green buildings. It’s a brand-new style of Vertical Forests that combines open and closed balconies to break up the regularity of the building and produce a constant, ever-changing movement. The presence of trees and shrubs, which are enabled to grow freely in height by the structure, complements the façade design perfectly.

4. Macha House by Abin Design Studio

Green building: macha house by suryan // dang
Image by suryan // dang

The perimeter of the floor plate is surrounded by livable rooms and patios. The design language is dominated by the delicate weaving of bamboo, which is readily accessible locally and, more significantly, is a material that the locals are familiar with. Metal components are kept to a minimum. The pavilion blends in well with the surroundings thanks to its thatched roof.

5. AUBE Toranomon Residential Building by ETHNOS

Green building: aube toranomon by keishin horikoshi / ss inc.
Image by keishin horikoshi / ss inc.

It might not look green but is surely one of the best green buildings ever. The perimeter of the floor plate is surrounded by livable rooms and patios. The design language is dominated by the delicate weaving of bamboo, which is readily accessible locally and, more significantly, is a material that the locals are familiar with. Metal components are kept to a minimum. The pavilion blends in well with the surroundings thanks to its thatched roof.

6. Kakapo Creek Children’s Garden by CASA

Green building: kakapo creek children’s garden by mark scowen
Image by mark scowen

Some of the main environmentally friendly and healthy features include heat pumps that are concealed above the ceilings of bathrooms to offer heating and cooling, which are low-cost to operate and low-carbon. Natural ventilation is also given through the glass doors and windows, which is carbon-neutral. The building’s extensive landscaping and the use of native plants on the roof improve biodiversity.

7. The Ellen DeGeneres Campus by MASS Design Group

Green building: the ellen degeneres campus by iwan baan
Image by iwan baan

The campus, which is located in Rwanda’s Virunga Mountains, serves as a global benchmark for environmentally friendly architecture and development. The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, The Ellen Fund, and MASS Design Group held a ceremony on the site this week to mark the inauguration of the Fossey Gorilla Fund’s The Ellen DeGeneres Campus.

The 12-acre campus serves as a prototype for MASS’s “Purpose-Built” methodology, which weighs and assesses capital infrastructure alongside a project’s goal, design, and viability. Local labor and resources were used throughout the design and construction process to reduce the campus footprint, create an immersive landscape covered in trees, ensure job training and economic benefit to the neighborhood, and build a cutting-edge facility for use by the general public and education.

8. Cage House by ROOM+ Design & Build

Green building: cage house by sonmeo nguyen art studio
Image by sonmeo nguyen art studio

Due to a limited budget, a typical little townhouse that is 15 years old and situated in a narrow alleyway in a neighborhood with a high population density recently underwent renovation to meet the demands of the new residents. The outdated home had a hefty concrete staircase in the middle, a cramped kitchen and bedroom at the rear, a dusty rooftop terrace, and a musty, decaying interior. The 3-meter-wide alleyway is usually clogged with bustling, raucous traffic since it serves as a shortcut between two major routes.

9. Sluishuis Residential Building by Bjarke Ingels Group

Green building: sluishuis residential building by ossip van duivenbode
Image by ossip van duivenbode

A modern interpretation of the Amsterdam building block type that reacts particularly to its unique setting in the water. The volume is stepped down on the other side to create a welcoming gesture toward IJburg and lifted on one side to let the water enter the courtyard. You hear the Sluishuis loudness differently from every viewpoint. Sluishuis understands how to surprise you from any angle, whether you are standing on a dike, highway, or bridge, crossing jetties or a public path over the roof, or even observing the structure from the air.

10. Orange Village by Koffi & Diabaté Architectes

Green building: orange village by françois xavier-gbré
Image by françois xavier-gbré

An imposing structure with futuristic style on 7 stories in the shape of rings with a 68 meter circumference using a sustainable architectural method. The unusual design of the new Orange Côte d’Ivoire headquarters, which is reminiscent of a golf ball and subtly evokes Abidjan’s famed Riviera golf course, features a double skin that serves both thermal and aesthetic purposes.


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