4 Critical steps to become LEED Green Associate

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leed green associate certification
Become leed green associate

What is a LEED Green Associate?

The LEED Green Associate title attests to a professional’s extensive understanding of green building processes and concepts. For people who are just learning about sustainability, the accreditation is a great way to build up knowledge on the ever-growing market of sustainability. Which is a vital field, especially in today’s architecture and engineering industry.

Become LEED Green Associate or is it merely another title?

As more people are concerned with the effects of building and infrastructure on their lives, to become LEED green associate can enhance your CV and provide insight into green building and the potential for sustainable construction.

In addition to the information one learns while studying, the certificate itself tells employers that the candidate is the kind of person who actively seeks out possibilities for professional growth.

4 steps to becoming LEED certified

Becoming a Green Associate is simple when broken down. No mandatory requirements or minimum work experience is required.

The only obstacle standing your way to earn the title is the ability to pass the exam.
The LEED Exam examines candidates’ knowledge of sustainable design concepts, LEED credits, and the certification process. An applicant must obtain a score of 170 out of 200 to pass the test. There are 100 questions in all. The difficulty is increased by the varying weights given to the LEED questions. There are 15 questions on the test that are not scored, but a candidate is not aware of which questions are scored and which are not. Because the exam may draw from hundreds of distinct topics, no two examinations will have the exact same questions in the same sequence.

The exam is completely computer-based, a pass or fail is known directly after submitting the exam and the score is sent by mail on average after 15 minutes from submittal.

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Step 1 – Register for the exam

You need to register with USGBC in order to take the LEED test. Under the Credentials section, pick the Green Associate test. When you have finished the application, you will be redirected to a Prometric testing location to schedule the date of your exam, we will talk further in step 4.

Leed green associate training
Step 2 – Learn to become LEED Green Associate

There are many ways you can learn the material. Either with study guides, training centers, or online courses. Study guides are usually around 500 pages and can be confusing. Not to mention if the material was not processed properly you would be risking a non-refundable exam.

Whereas training centers deliver all LEED information through a qualified instructor that streamlines and simplifies the process. But unfortunately, they are quite expensive and you would be limited to the course timing and opening dates that do not suit everyone, especially employees with long or unstable working hours.

Last but not least online courses, which have been proven over the years are the best approach for most professionals to learn the material. Since the course would be optimized, on-demand and support is always provided so engagement would not be compromised. At archiroots, we train professionals to become LEED Green Associate title in 2 weeks with our complete training masterclass and even offer a free intro training to get you started. Rather than the typical 3 month prep. time at centers or 5 months in study guides, the archiroots complete LEED Green Associate training breaks down all the complicated information to gain the accreditation in the easiest possible way.

Leed green associate practice tests
Step 3 – Practice tests

After learning the material, it is ideal to practice on mock exams to assess your score. It would be like a simulation, to guarantee a pass and not risk the non-refundable exam. It is true, that if you fail you can apply again, but the money is lost. So why risk it? We offer the biggest bundle available with 700 practice questions that includes the largest amount of questions in one package.

Prometric test center
Step 4 – Schedule a date

After registering at USGBC in step 1, you should have received a receipt and ID by mail. That will allow you to schedule the exam in the available tests centers on Prometric’s website. You are granted 1 full year to choose the day you desire and can be rescheduled.


Become accredited in 2 weeks or less!