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Ruskin Elwood

Great architecture, expertly resolved and well located has the potential to calm, to inspire and to shape life for the better. Each...
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Slack HQ

The heart of this project is about providing a state of the art office for a 21st century tech company in the...
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House V

Sunken in the earth and topped with native grass, this low-slung concrete home lets the landscape rule.
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MM House

This house looks for the maximum energy efficiency adapting itself to the program, the solar orientation, the views and the slope of...
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Bottle Sail

In the series of community development projects by 1+1>2 International Architecture JSC, in collaboration with research centers and public health development COHED,...
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Synapse SAIF Project

The Synapse (Supported Accommodation Innovation Fund) SAIF project provides supported accommodation for eight clients with disabilities. The project is the result of...
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