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MARTaK Passive House

MARTaK Passive House is set in the Colorado Rocky Mountains at an elevation of 6800 feet. The small residence is the first...
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Casa Palerm

Casa Palerm is as an extension of a rural hotel in the countryside of Lloret de Vistalegre, in the centre of Mallorca....
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Lyceum Schravenlant

The Schravenlant Lyceum’s design has a people-centric focus; creating a healthy living environment.It has a robustness in the form of robust C2C...
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Pavilion ArchDays Egaligilo

ArchDays Pavilion called Egaligilo was located next to Museo Tamayo in Mexico City. Acts as an equalizer of forces between rational and...
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Miner Road House

The clients are a couple of environmental scientists who, along with their two sons, relocated from the Oakland Hills to the summer...
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Chieng Yen Community House

Chieng Yen is a commune in Van Ho district, Son La Province. The local community consists of five major ethnic groups: Kinh,...
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