How Much Does the LEED Green Associate Cost and LEED AP Cost?

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Getting a LEED accreditation is a great method to demonstrate your knowledge of sustainable design and construction and to further your career in the green building sector.

The LEED Green Associate and LEED AP titles are two of the most sought-after qualifications. Even if these credentials are quite valuable, you should manage your budget appropriately by being aware of the prices involved. The price of the LEED Green Associate and LEED AP tests, as well as the advantages they provide, will be discussed below.

Leed green associate cost

LEED Green Associate Cost

Getting the LEED Green Associate accreditation is the first step towards attaining a LEED credential. This title shows a basic comprehension of green construction processes and concepts. You need to pass the relevant test in order to become a LEED Green Associate.

If you are a student and if you are a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) are two variables that may affect how much the LEED Green Associate test will cost you.

For USGBC members, the exam price typically costs $200, while for non-members, it costs $250. Since these costs are liable to change, it is advised to check the official USGBC website in case.

Whereas if you are a student, then the cost would drop to $100 and veterans take the exam for free.

Even if the test price is an investment, it’s crucial to take the long-term advantages into account. The LEED Green Associate accreditation raises your professional reputation and makes you a more appealing applicant on the job market for green buildings. It demonstrates your dedication to sustainability and establishes you as an expert resource in the field.

Leed ap cost


You may decide to seek the LEED AP distinction after earning the LEED Green Associate accreditation. You may focus on a particular aspect of green building with the LEED AP accreditation, such as building design and construction (BD+C), operations and maintenance (O+M), or interior design and construction (ID+C).

Like the LEED Green Associate test, the fee of the LEED AP exam may vary. For USGBC members and students, the exam price is $250, while for non-members, it is $350.

Although the price of the LEED AP examinations can appear high, it’s crucial to take the possible return on investment into account. Possessing a LEED AP accreditation shows that you have specialized knowledge and experience in green construction. This distinction may lead to better pay, more lucrative job prospects, and more professional acclaim in the field.

Additional Concepts and Budget-friendly Suggestions

It’s crucial to take into account any supplemental expenses when deciding whether to take the LEED Green Associate or LEED AP official exams. These fees could include study guides, practice tests and other resources for test prep, and even travel charges if the examinations aren’t offered close to home.

Think about using cost-saving techniques to get the most out of your investment. Especially since the exams are non-refundable if failed, you would have to register and pay again for a new exam.

This is why Archiroots offers free introductory training and sample tests to have a feel of what you are investing in, Archiroots even offers a money-back guarantee so you make sure you pass the exam.


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