5 Critical Steps to Passing the LEED Green Associate Exam in 2 Weeks or Less!

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Find out how to get your LEED Green Associate designation fast and simple. Here, we reveal all the secrets you need to know to passing the LEED Green Associate exam and becoming an industry leader in eco-friendly construction. In only two weeks, for 30 minutes a day you will earn your LEED credential.

1. What is LEED Green Associate?

The Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) offers the LEED Green Associate credential, signifying knowledge of green building practices and concepts. This entry-level LEED designation demonstrates a thorough knowledge of environmentally friendly planning, building, and maintenance.

The LEED Green Associate accreditation may boost your reputation and open doors to a fulfilling career in the green construction sector, regardless of whether you are a budding professional or a seasoned expert.

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2. LEED Green Associate Exam Tips

  1. Focus on essential key terms like MPRs, and ASHRAE standards. Learn all the terms through our flashcards
  2. Read each question carefully twice to avoid tricks. Do not rush to the answer, sometimes one keyword can change the whole meaning
  3. Choose the BEST answer, sometimes multiple answers can be correct but you need to choose the primary answer, so watch out!
  4. Use correct abbreviations for USGBC and LEED Green Associate. United States Green Building Council or LEED GA are not allowed
  5. Differentiate between LEED Certified and LEED certified. “C” means the project earned anywhere between 40-49 points which is the least certification level. Whereas LEED certified means the project could have earned silver or gold or even platinum.
  6. Take on some LEED Green Associate practice exams to make sure you are ready for the official exam.

3. How to Study For The LEED Green Associate Exam Effectively

  1. Get started by utilizing free study resources from LEED Green Associate training to LEED Green Associate practice exams for a general overview and understanding of LEED.
  2. Get started with the archiroots ebook LEED Green Associate study guide
  3. When ready to properly begin your LEED Green Associate training, head to the 2-week study plan
  4. Last but not least view the LEED Green Associate Handbook
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4. Benefits of Becoming a LEED Green Associate

  • Support the environment by making a contribution.
  • Unlock new employment possibilities.
  • High demand in the building market
  • Employers and clients will notice your green activities.
  • Acquire key skills in the industry.
  • Increase your professional network.
  • Possible cost reductions for clients and employers (tax, incentives).
  • Recognized certification on a worldwide scale.
  • Showcase your dedication to sustainability.
  • Salary increase.
  • Win more project bids, and land new clients.

5. Maintaining Your LEED Green Associate Credential

After receiving your LEED Green Associate credential, you need LEED CE hours (continuing education) to keep it’s validity. Learn more how you can gain free LEED CE hours here.


Take advantage of the chance to change your career with the LEED Green Associate designation. No need for books, guides or months of training. Begin your LEED exam prep with the below free training and boos your career in 2 weeks.


Become accredited in 2 weeks or less!