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Materials: Fiber reinforced concrete
Description: Concruence chair is an outdoor seat which can withstand any weather, it is made from concrete, the only local material that is entirely produced in Lebanon, which has no forests nor mines, but quarries for limestone which is heated using recycled oils into concrete by the local industry. Extensive research and experimentation were invested into the shape, the material and the finishing of this piece, but most particularly its ergonomics to insure comfort while using only concrete. The end life of the chair, despite being generations ahead, is predefined: it produces an inert waste, which can be safely used in landfill, concrete aggregate and other, because the chair has no metal reinforcement. Concruence has recently been awarded a Core 77 design award as well as the community choice prize, the jury described it as being an innovative and sustainable product with a very large potential.
Dimensions: 67x67x67cm



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