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Year: 2020
Designer: Richard deVries
Materials: stainless steel
Description: The GreenPee is not only beautiful and functional, but also sustainable. The GreenPee does not need to be connected to the water or sewage system, which means less pollution for the environment. In addition, the GreenPee contributes to a circular economy. The GreenPee collects urine in a container that is filled with odor absorbing hemp fibers or a amoniac blocker. After composting or processing this mixture becomes a phosphate-rich organic fertilizer. This fertilizer can be used to fertilize parks and green areas in a natural way. The GreenPee is equipped with a practical in-hydro system with a 30 liter reservoir for the collection of rainwater. This ensures that the plants only need to be watered sparingly, even during the dry season. The plants in the GreenPee contribute to biodiversity in the urban environment. For example, various useful insects are attracted to the plants and the plants purify the air.
Dimensions: 110x110x100 300kg


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The Netherlands
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