Coffire Lamp

Year: 2019
Designer: Zhekai Zhang
Materials: Coffee grounds, porcelain
Description: Currently, at least 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide each year, producing at least 8 million tons of coffee grounds. Most coffee grounds are discarded, landfilled or incinerated along with other waste. There is also a part of coffee grounds that will directly enter urban sewage discharge through the sewer. Therefore, the disposal of coffee grounds as waste will not only consume a lot of energy but also cause certain harm to the environment. Nevertheless, this design follows the concept of sustainable design, exploring a new possibility for the treatment of coffee grounds. The COFFIRE project through the innovation of porcelain surface finishing technique by using used coffee grounds as sustainable coloring material to form mimic textures of marble under the mass production scenario. The eco-conscious method of staining is inspired by the ancient pit firing technique for pottery making in China.
Dimensions: H150mm;D350mm


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