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Year: 2019
Designer: Dorian Etienne & Cordélia Faure
Materials: Loofah, aluminum, leather
Description: Loofah and steel eco-chairs. “ Traditionally used in Asia as exfoliating sponges, the loofah comes from the inside of some squash. Harvested without damaging the ground, these natural fibers leave few roots and reproduce quickly. This culture guarantees a low ecological impact ; it is therefore natural that we went to explore its qualities to give it new uses. ” Pressed loofah fibers interweave to form a single frame without any glue addition. This process allows to obtain a new very resistant material of infinite length and thickness. It also fits comfortably the shape it receives. Designed on an eco-responsible principle, the seat is fixed on the steel structure with leather links, reversible and lifetime warranty. When the plyloofah seat is damaged, after several years of use, the user can easily remove it and send it to the factory. The fibers are just separated by water bath and are repressed in a new seat returned to the client.
Dimensions: 940 x 580 x 550 mm ; 8 kg


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Dorian Etienne – Design Studio

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