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Year: 1
Materials: Decorative Water Based Paint and Coating
Description: Orinhu is a decorative finish with a surprising mix of antique velvet and modern metallic reflections. Its flat velvet pearlescent texture rejuvenates your living space and transforms it into a tranquil and sophisticated atmosphere. Recommended For Interior applications on plaster, embossed wall coverings, gypsum board, concrete, cement rendering, brickwork & block work. Orinhu can only be applied in exterior conditions when top coated with a clear sealing coat such as exterior coat (ex: Colortek Oxibond 4001, 4005 etc.) Key Features - No lead - Ease of application - Non-flammable - Odorless - Washable (after full curing) - Heat resistant
Certifications: UL GREENGUARD,Gold,Émissions dans l'air intérieur,A+



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