Concrete Lace

Architects G8A Architecture
Location: Vietnam, Hanoi
Year: 2016
Photographs: Patrick Bingham-Hall, Nguyen Duy Thanh & Le Hai

This curious building is part of Village 3 in the High-Tech Park master plan. Inspired by local, traditional North Vietnamese village features, the exposed courtyard radiates four path-ways; connecting to the lush external landscape and acting as four entrances that reminisce the main gates of a traditional village.

G8A concrete lace 05 Le Hai Anh Large
Image by Le Hai Anh

The grid structure of 12×25 meters allows a highly flexible and efficient use of space. Mixing green areas and open spaces they enhance the user’s experience through the building; inviting them to exchange, relax and enjoy the landscape. Sustainable design is ubiquitous; through maximising natural light, natural ventilation, gardens inside offices, sky gardens, rain water recycling and the use of local eco-friendly materials.

G8A concrete lace 03 Nguyen Duy Thanh Large
Image by Nguyen Duy Thanh

The external layer acts as a key sustainable element of the building. It integrates climbing trees, acting as green protection against the sun, its density and thickness has been carefully adapted from different orientations and facade exposure. Together these elements create a dynamic green building that is integrated in nature and connected with its environment.

G8A concrete lace 02 Le Hai Anh Large
Image by Le Hai Anh

Traditionally when a building was in a state of “ruin”, often the aftermath of abandonment and neglect, it became an inconvenience of sorts and disregarded. The very notion that a building has gone past its “expiry date” is truly archaic and in conflict with the fundamentals of “sustainability”.

More Project Images & Drawings

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