Patios House

Architects Equipo de Arquitectura
Location: Paraguay, Asunción
Year: 2017
Area: 450 m2
Photographs: Leonardo Méndez
Other Team Members: Lead Architect: oracio Cherniavsky, Viviana Pozzoli & José Cubilla Structural Engineer: Enrique Granada & Emilio Richer

Housing architecture reflects the way in which we understand our being-in-the-world, and represents the conjunction of wishes, wills, emotions and ideals. The imagination process in the construction of space is, at the same time, the most basic and the most complex exercise, understanding that the house is life’s actual scenario.

2G0A0466 Large
Image by Leonardo Méndez

We decided to abandon housing’s typological palette, rejecting trending catalogues that imprison new ways of imagining the house as a construction that must morph and transform according to life’s constant changes.

We didn’t conceive objects or forms as the project’s main concern; it is a consequence. The project is conceived as a system of places and relations regulated by a continuous space that entangles the natural with the built, the public with the private, interior with exterior. The main concern belongs to a structural, and thus, spatial solution, that develops throughout the terrain.

4 4G0A0439 Large
Image by Leonardo Méndez

The structural scheme consists of beams that configure a progressive sequence of spaces, stratified according to is function, resting in two points each, attempting to reduce the number of foundations and excavation in the terrain. The creation of long spans between pillars allows the transition between inside and outside, intertwining natural and artificial environments. Cantilevers reduce the 12-meter beams bending moment. Ceramic vaults connect the perpendicular distance between these beams, endowing the interior with a particular spatial quality appropriate to Asuncion’s hot weather.

4G0A1008 Large
Image by Leonardo Méndez

The house develops in only one level and extends along the terrain, intercalating a series of different programs and courtyards that allow the correct cross ventilation in every space. There is equilibrium between full and empty where one strengthens the other. The inside, the full, the shadow is overturned towards the empty, the outside, the light, contemplating and enjoying the natural world.

4G0A0982 Large
Image by Leonardo Méndez

Although there is an irreversible longing to catalogue some criteria into trends, styles and isms, the bioclimatic strategies adopted in this project respond to the necessity of their use. Green roofs, cross ventilation, rainwater storage and solar protection are all appropriate techniques to implement in a city like Asunción.

The roofs act like courtyards, both as thermal insulation and vegetation area, building a succession of courtyards in different heights, each responding to a different situation.

5 4G0A1018 Large
Image by Leonardo Méndez

Architecture, even though static, gets old and transmutes, just as a living being, impregnating the passing of time in materials. This is the reason why we chose to strip the building of coatings, abandoning ornaments and superfluous make up, that generally hides materials own essence.

6 4G0A1019 Large
Image by Leonardo Méndez
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