Tahan Villa

Architects Karim Nader Studio
Location: Lebanon, Mounsef
Year: 2014
Area: 800 m2
Photographs: Leva Saudargaitė
Other Team Members: Collaborators: BLANKPAGE Architects

EXT DSC5832 Large
Leva Saudargaitė

In the intent of benefitting from the spectacular panorama towards the bay of Jounieh, the house frames the view through a series of platforms below as well as a suspended horizontal stone box above.

INT DSC6022 Large
Leva Saudargaitė

The position of the house is therefore optimized to enhance this view at a maximum while respecting the sloped nature of the terrain. It is conceived as an architectural adaptation of the rocks that characterize the surrounding scenery: a massive volume, seemingly floating in the landscape, houses the private living spaces.

INT DSC5906 Large
Leva Saudargaitė

It is clad with sliding stone panels that echo, in their surface, the texture of the rocks. The shading devices made from natural regional materials, filter light reducing heat gain. Also, the interior tree in the patio improves the resident’s well-being with skylights that enhances the daylight at the entrance.

EXT DSC6048 Large
Leva Saudargaitė
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